Profile and history

SOMAFREC, a Malian refrigeration, electrical and construction company, was established on November 1, 1969 by Jean-Claude Gauthier. The company gradually developed until it was purchased in 1994 by Nord France Entreprises Internationales, a subsidiary of the Philipp Holzmann Group (Number one German building and public works group during this period).

The Philipp Holzmann Group brings SOMAFREC the valued opportunity to structure its human and material resources. It also provides the methods and procedures of a large international group.

SOMAFREC won increasingly important public works contracts and thus ranks as one of the leading national companies behind major international companies.

In 2002, the company was sold to a new private shareholder group. Since then, it has continued to grow and carry out very important works.

Its successful organization established to meet the different markets in the country makes it easier to intervene in the entire sub-region. Its objectives in terms of quality, lead-time and cost have led it to set up valuable partnerships that provide the company with a truly international dimension.

SOMAFREC created a first subsidiary in Burkina Faso in 2011 and responds to the various markets that are available in neighboring countries.

SOMAFREC is a limited company with a capital of 300 million CFA francs (CFAF) that can generate a turnover higher than 5 billion CFAF. It is run by Raymond Orts-Brotons and employs almost 200 people.