Sustainable development


Involved in discussions on the development of Mali, SOMAFREC intervenes at a very early stage on operations characterized by their size or complexity (tight deadlines, technical difficulties, assembly operations or project financing...).

With its engineering office, SOMAFREC imagines, designs, develops and proposes structural, innovative and sustainable projects for the country. The following infrastructure projects undertaken by the company are now supported by the Malian authorities:

  • The project of providing better access to Koulikoro, a solution for Bamako
  • The Koulikoro Bridge
  • Renovations in and around Bamako
  • The beautification project of the Martyrs Bridge
  • The beautification project of the King Fahd Bridge

Men and women

Combining continuous performance improvement and respect for people, the SOMAFREC sustainable development policy is part of a long-term vision and a highly operational approach with concrete actions in the social and environmental fields.

Recruitment open to young graduates, internal and external training, security (preventing accidents on construction sites and on the road), mobility and in-house promotion and decentralized management based on respect and trust are the major axes of the recruitment policy of human resources.

As a member of the Malian Private Sector Coalition against HIV/AIDS, SOMAFREC organizes every year on its sites awareness-raising events to prevent its employees from being exposed to the disease. The SOMAFREC staff at last complies with an environmental charter that calls for taking care of the areas used for its project sites (cleaning, planting in accordance with the services of Water and Forestry...), paying particular attention to the integration of the architectural buildings built and using environmentally-friendly products.